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A letter of love

February 12, 2019

PROMPT: Love in Words

Dearest Michael,
I find no words to describe the feeling you transmit to me when I sit by you. Sitting beneath the city lights, staring at the twinkling stars that compete with the lights of cars and skyscrapers for the dominance of illumination. The sunny afternoons wasted laughing at precisely the opposite moments at videos we found, sitting next to each other on the couch with a laptop snuggled between my knees and yours on a cozy (and fuzzy) blanket. Daring each other at a restaurant to tell the waiter, "I'll have the chicken," because it was an inside joke that no one outside of us would ever understand and laugh at (the waiter would stare at us oddly, as we bended over our tablecloths with mouths open and no sound coming out from how hard we were laughing, then slowly say, "Very well, then- which sauce?" and making us laugh even harder). I love your obsession with reaching over to my tablet when I was on it and asking Siri, "What weather is it in Sudan?" I adore you calling me Eri, even though my name is nothing close to that. I love riding in the car with you and watching you trace infinity symbols on the foggy windowpane.
I love you for everything you are and for everything you refuse to be. I love that you tell people to follow you on Instagram, but link my account instead- your kindness is endless. That you pick out the olives from your lunch and give them to me, because it's my favorite food, saying you don't like them anyways (you do)- you overflow with generosity. That you look onto the world with positive eyes- I guess it's only fair to balance out my negative and cynic spirit. I love your dog Lex. I love that you refuse to go to school dances (do I need to have a reason?). I love that you never act distant with me even when you have a bad day. I love that you always end your every e-mail with "#FreeTheBirds" (no one knows from what, nor will anyone ever know). I love that you refuse to wear a raincoat when it rains, but always meticulously pick out an umbrella to carry around closed. That you refuse to use paper tissues but always use cloth ones.
You can recite the entirety of the Odyssey by memory. You can eat 10 doughnuts in about 20 seconds- without letting any icing or sprinkles on your mouth or on the table. On a school trip, you once jumped on a bench in the middle of a park and nearly shouted, "I SHALL REIGN ROUTE 66!"... without anyone having dared you to- luckily I pulled you down quickly enough. You're incredibly religious towards Santa Clause, yet you don't believe in a specific religion. Every holiday, you buy me a present, whether you or I celebrate it or not- on Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Diwali, the end of Ramadan, or anything else. On my birthday you always slip a hand-made card into my locker (how you do so is still a mystery to me, as it is always locked and wallpaper covers the slits in it). You somehow know all my secrets, but I don't really mind.
You always remind me that you are "quite imperfect," but it will most likely be very difficult for me to ever see you as that.
I don't know if this letter is awkward or if I'll ever give it to you, so you're probably not reading this, but this is why I think you're a galaxy amongst the stars.


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  • Calling4Rain

    ahhhh words cannot express how great this is

    over 1 year ago
  • paperbird

    aww this is cute

    over 1 year ago