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I don't really like this, but I wanted to do the prompt, lol.

To The Boy In The Empty Room

February 20, 2019

PROMPT: Love in Words

To the Boy In The Empty Room,

We arrived at the wrong time,
and that was how we met.
It was just the two of us,
sitting in the room
and feeling confused as anything.

The teacher didn't show up.
No other classmates showed up.
Just us.

We chatted about our confusion
and a couple of other classes we had,
how far we were in the course.
Just superficial stuff.

But then a few days later,
we met
in person.

A field trip, it was.

An awkward chat ensued,
and a walk along the paths
of the park.

After that,
I think,
was when it started.

I wish for you to be
the first relationship,
the first love,
the first.

I have no way
of knowing,
but I hope.

I hope forever.

Much love,


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