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I love kittens. If I am not writing, I am singing my heart out on a stage! I love writing poems.

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I want to see if this poem is good. If you have suggestions or changes you would make, please let me know!

The Fight

February 12, 2019


Boom! The silent bombs,
That pierce the ears of soldiers,
The ground shakes with sound.

Splat! The soldiers come,
Hitting the walls with such force,
Lucky to breathe air.

Crackle! The wall falls,
It screams as it crumbles down,
Men trip on the rocks.

Scritch! Writing a note,
From in the weak, shaky room,
The note won’t get home.

Aaaahhhhh! The screams of men,
The beds not comforting them,
Hope to live one day.

Chuga! The train comes,
Bringing soldiers from battle,
Celebrating life.

Sigh. Remembering them,
The men who will never come,
Never forgotten.


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