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If you've come this far, thanks for reading. I'm very grateful that you've stumbled upon my writing, and whether that was intentional or an accident, I hope you enjoy.

And apologies for the potential (and certain) randomness.

Dear Future Husband

February 24, 2019

PROMPT: Love in Words

Dear Future Hsuband,

I can't wait to marry you. I know, for sure, you'll be the one for me. I can already see the sparks flying as we gaze into each others arms, and goosebumps tickling with every touch of our hands. You don't need to wait for Valentine's Day to tell me you love me. Surprise me; do it now! I know you'll be the romantic type, even without me having to ask. You'll be buying my flowers on my worst days, and kissing me to make the pain go away. I'd I'll keep trying to make you feel the same way you make me feel. I hope you'll feel the same way about me. I dearly do. 

I love you


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  • symphonyrain0812

    This piece is beautiful and (as a hopeless romantic myself) I am left feeling fluttery and happy after reading it. :)

    over 1 year ago