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I Wouldn't Be Who I Am: I Reached 100 Followers!

February 19, 2019


I wouldn't be who I am, without you
I wouldn't sing the way I sing, without you...
...I  wouldn't be the human I am
Without the friends that let me fly and help me land...

                            - Kodaline, I Wouldn't Be

          Recently I reached 100 followers, and I started this piece. But before I finished it, I reached 106 followers! Don't worry, you should all be there. I certainly hope so. :) If I did miss someone, please tell me! You all deserve recognition.

         Thank you all so, so much for your follows! They're so encouraging and they make my day every time.

Peppermint Lemondade, the first of them all,
"likes" back and forth for days
brought endless smiles to my face.

Next up Riley Noel,
who I (literally!) freaked out over
when I saw the follow
as she'd just been featured
Then Michael O'Brien,
currently inactive, but lovely words
fill his page and readers grin.

TheWingedKetten, sadly also inactive,
but fantastic fantasies 
and wishes in her single story
will fascinate.

The fifth was Miss Faith Camp.
How I'm not following her yet
I do not know,
so I'll go do that right now.

Inactive for a while,
But what a writer.
Go read Forbidden Words

I'm not quite sure what to say
about madpadfoot,
as they've been inactive
for two years and I never
got to know them. Sadness.

Zeast malik...
I do have
a lot of inactive followers,
don't I?

Another inactive, Lola.
But 365 flowers?
Go read it.

Maverick Chase, inactive, 
but for less time.
Perhaps she will return one day.

my feels! 
A fantabulous person
who is still active.
She doesn't have many followers
so you may want to give her some. :)

*facepalm* another inactive.
But thataprilgirl's piece
(Un)spoken Words will make you think.
A lot.

Vanilla. Vanilla! 
One of my favorite WtW peeps...and
they give amazing reviews.
Go follow them immediately. 

Possibly the most well-known person
on WtW, and not a person can be found
who hasn't heard of her. 
Oy am incredibly honored.

who I don't quite count
because he's my dad. *cracks up*
You may as well follow him, 
though he's been inactive...well, forever. 
*cracks up again*

another celebrity!!
I am in amazement.
Many, many thanks to you, Rain. 

ollieollie, I believe,
is quite well-known
but only mildly active.
She's a lovely reviewer.

RedWriter is back again!!
Certain people tend to disappear
and then reappear
and RedWriter is one of them.
Follow them!!

Glytch Montoya
was an icon.
However, they've been inactive 
indefinitely, as their latest piece explains.
Here's hoping he returns. :P

Desiree, embarrassingly,
is foreign to me.
But one look at their work
and I am in awe. 

L. Mono is
my brother. XD
He joined to read my work,
but forgot about WtW
and I hope he doesn't remember
because I've posted The Game on here
and he can't read it. 
*dies laughing*

PineappleGirl was quite active for a while
but then disappeared shortly after
her first contest.
Extended hiatus, perhaps?

mel.l, another inactive.
They've not published anything,
so I don't quite know what to say.

Then Marerider.
A fellow homeschooled book lover!
She's been off for eight days though.
Come back soon, Marerider!

Kaitlyn ❄ was a fixture
in the WtW community.
We're all still sad she left.

A lovely writer, this one.
nevaredhp has gorgeous pieces!
One of my favorites is 
This Little Light of Mine #candleflame.
Go read it!

rosemarywisdom is the biggest Marvel nerd in the galaxy
and I LOVE her for it.
Her surplus of followers is not quite big enough,
so go drop her one :)

I think Ignite14
was someone who joined for a contest,
nothing else.
But I still credit them. 

Luna Lemon is back! 
She was gone for a bit, but she's 
wonderfully well-known,
a great writer, and
a lovely reviewer.

I remember being charmed
by The Great Gabs-by's username,
which really is quite lovely,
as is her writing. 

Elizabeth Gordon is
another inactive.
Her visible piece is 
wonderful though.

Catlover is another fixture!
She's an amazing writer
who makes the best of every situation
as her V-Day piece shows (and I agree with.:P)

Johanna has become very well known 
in her ten months on WtW!
I find it impressive,
as well as her writing is.

Gabriel Goodwin.
I still need
to put his work in my quote book.
Sir, do you, by any chance,
remember which piece i'd asked about?

mrcolinredwards has
amazing day-of-the-month poems
and such that I love.
Go check them out!

RavensInkWrites is another inactive.
But hey, they like Stephen King,
who I'm slightly embarrassed 
to admit I'm a fan of.

THE stripedfly1001 
is following me???

I'm beginning to wonder
how many people arrive to WtW
and don't stay,
like Wendell John Ramos.
I'm a bit sad now.

I think that Your Local Flynn
left for a while and then came back.
And we're all glad, aren't we?
Check his series's out, they're awesome.

I must admit that
I don't have a clue 
who Kaartika is.

muppet! I relate
to your "wannabe aussie" bio
except it's England for me.
Everyone check out Muppet's Novel Workshop,
the account she set up for feedback!

I do not quite know
who 2A,2H and 1D is,
but after looking at their writing,
I might have to follow them.

I believe that star_girl
is not around much,
so I can't really say a lot
about them.

is one of my favorite WtW Writers!
Keep it up, lady!

Jessica Noelle is apparently
a published author.
I didn't know this and I'm not following her
but I might have to. Her work is great.

I too, love those smiley face things,
Ellie!. I especially love this one: :P 

I'm pretty sure user not found used to be Unknown Boy,
and he has the most amazing tiny pieces on earth. 
Go read them, even if you only read one.

I don't know AnonymousWriter very well,
but their piece "Change" is absolutely fantastic
and true
and amazing. Go read it.

Read nezi_nes's piece
"Random Word Generator" NOW
if you need a laugh! It's great.

camlily is great.
She has some amazing pieces
and she'll return the favor
if you like or comment on her writing!
Go follow her.

I wish that the Corner Writing Club 
was still around!
It faded after a few months.
But it was fun while it lasted. :)
Thanks to Paperbird and RainAndSonder
for hosting.

Ryder is pretty well known.
She has wonderful pieces
and her Message to Writer 
is very relatable!

Girl, you're my favorite.
I have ginormous respect for you and your writing
and I'm honored to have you as a follower
and as a reader!

INVISIBL3's writing is awesome!
They have a wonderful style
and their profile pic is great.
Did you take it yourself, INVISIBL3?

I wish I could say I know Cololo231
a bit more personally,
but I don't.

I don't quite know _TJNR@cheshire_ very well either,
but I've seen her around
and she seems quite kind. :D
I hope she returns soon, as she's been away.

Alicat, a fellow nerd,
a kindred spirit!!

Their username says it all.

Bruvton is a comic master!!
He will crack you up 
no matter what piece you read.
"Why I Believe in Color Segregation" 
is my favorite though.
Don't take it the wrong way. XD

I've finally reached another inactive
and I'm a bit shocked. XD
as she said, does write occasionally.
But when she does write, it's absolutely
fantastic and meaningful.
Read it!

I'm quite disappointed that R.j.Elsewhere 
has not been active recently!
They are a wonderful writer
who deserved tons of recognition.

Made4Love is the person on 
EVERYONE'S thank-you list,
and with good reason.
What an amazing being.
Go follow her!

Another mildly inactive person,
AnxiousPanda. I seem to remember 
seeing them around.
Check them out. :)

--RosieOnTheRun (from reality)-- 
is someone I've been following since the beginning!
Her profile pic when I started out was of Matilda
so I had to love her. 
I was quite excited when she followed me back.

Majestically Awkward Manatee
is getting to be rather well-known!
She's technically too young to be here,
but that's not stopping her from being
awesome. :D

There's one word to describe
Blotted Ink with a Broken Quill:

PureHeart is another celebrity-of-sorts!
And I must admit
that I borrowed one of her
Message to Writer quotes. XD
I hope it's not a problem.

Cesca is rather new, I think, 
so they don't have many pieces yet.
But the one I've seen,
"lost in him", is fantastic.

Big Blue!
VERY well-know by now
and the owner of the WtW Discord Server.
Go drop her a follow! She's awesome.

Aeon Thanatos,
another inactive to add
to the list. :/

Surly Wombat is awesome!
They won/placed in one of my contests
with a great piece
a good while back and it took me months 
to give them their reviews.
Sorry about that again.

needs more followers!
They're an awesome writer
and a great reviwer
and they need recognition!

Mary Wall!
She gave some awesome feedback
on one of my stories and it was tremendously helpful.
Thank you so much for that, Mary!

Oh, boy, I think I've reached
another chunk of inactives
like tigerhorse02

Okay, maybe not. XD
asteria is awesome
and also needs recognition.

Erica Lees-Smith isn't quite active,
but they're active enough. 
She left a lovely comment on one of my pieces
and it was very encouraging.
I'm sure she would do the same for you. :)

Darn, Zoot's another inactive. 

I don't really recognize AudienceOfOne,
but I might have to look into them
after noticing their name!

RNE, another youngun!
In agreement
that Benedict Cumberbatch 
is freakin' awesome.

Julius Caesar
I haven't cried reading any writing yet,
but I'll try to fulfill your goal in the future. :)

Also not quite inactive,
but not very active either,
for Katie R. Goates.

I love LyraLynne and her work so much.
Go read (or listen to!) her piece "Oddly Enough".

Opal Drop reviews A LOT.
I don't see this as a problem of course.
And they've got a lot of great writing too!

The Critic is relatively new,
and joined to review.
But they've not done much review yet,
so patiently awaiting that. :)

I can't exactly say that KaylaM78 
is active. 
She followed me a month ago 
and liked a couple things recently, 
but that's about all.

horsiegirl is great!
Her mock Goodreads Review
is hilariously accurate and I love it.
Go read it!

izzi fynnheart - Another celebrity!
Oy am honored!
She posts a lot of poetry, 
and it's great.

Known for their Small Debates, I think.
I'm not good at debates so I don't participate,
but they're great fun to read. 

A fellow romantic, RachelMarie!
Joy! :D

Christy Wisdom
Another of my favorites! :D
An Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D lover
and an amazing poet, both of which
I relate to.
Write on, girl! :D

thetiffany is kind of active.
Her book review of On The Come Up
It makes me want to read the book
even more. XD

JCWriter is a published author 
and I'm in awe!!
Even self-publishing 
is nothing to sneeze at. :)

Plausible.Poems, I applaud you.
You are fantastic and so is your poetry!
Good luck with your journalistic journey! 

LyricGirl isn't very active,
but her work is amazing!
Go look her up!

I'm not quite sure what to say about CSL__LEGEND.
I haven't read much of theirs.
Sorry :/

Vunn isn't quite active either. :/

Livelovecats, as her name tells,
loves cats
and so do I!

*shrieks with joy*
(I literally did that when I saw you were back lol)

Thanks again
for reading Hide and Seek
and liking it lol.
You are awesome.

Sadly, TheOriginalEliza™ 
left WtW today
on what will probably become 
an extended hiatus.
But check her out anyway!

Gotta love 'em. 
I uh...don't know what a skyraider is.
So I guess I have to read the books. XD

HMN is very new 
and only has one piece up,
so go send them some support
and cookies! :P

Huge admiration for Project: Voices!
Your work is amazing
and I'll be trying 
to enter your contest real soon. :)

Also pretty new!
But their first piece 
got me to follow them reaal quick.
You should do the same! :D

.audrey michelle. has some awesome work out there.
Currently she's posting I Dare You,
which is *singsong voice* amazing!
Go read it!

Last, but certainly, positively, absotively NOT least,
MarianaG! Another very new person
to follow and offer support
and cookies. :D



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  • Christy Wisdom

    "Christy Wisdom!
    Another of my favorites! :D
    An Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D lover
    and an amazing poet, both of which
    I relate to.
    Write on, girl! :D"

    Aww, that's so sweet, I'm touched! Budding Mae, you do deserve all that success. Congratulations, and write on!

    over 1 year ago
  • rosemarywisdom

    "rosemarywisdom is the biggest Marvel nerd in the galaxy
    and I LOVE her for it.
    Her surplus of followers is not quite big enough,
    so go drop her one :) "

    Budding Mae has LITERALLY made my day. <3 XD :)

    You deserve all the success and more, my friend. Shoot for those stars!!! <3

    over 1 year ago