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I'm a young writer who loves to write novels and poetry. Although my writing isn't always the best, I love to get my thoughts down and express my emotions to help myself and others through difficult times in life.

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Tell me if you like this #thrown_together style, or if you'd like to see this a little more organized and consistent. (Use the hashtag #thrown_together whenever you "throw something together" with NO editing). Thanks!

Reaction Art #myfirstcontest

February 11, 2019


What can one person do?
Some say none!
I say that a marvelous impact comes from one.

Could be me, could be you,
But some impacts just take one
It starts with me
My thoughts turn to words
Words to actions and
My actions become someone else’s key

The key to their wonder
Then their wonder become their words
Their words affect another
Without having to do so much as a
Presentation, or a
Public speech

So if I speak
If I do
Will my actions
Turn to you?

And will my moto 
Become the world’s,
If I help
One little girl?

And if that girl
Then turns around
And makes one wonderous sound

If her voice
Reaches near and far
From the countryside
To a city bar

If then her voice
Affects another
All because her little brother
Took her song
To show and tell

When it takes one
To change five minds
Then those five
Change more minds

When we speak
When we share
What if we’re really
Uncovering something that was already there?

A chain reaction
That I start
Can help so many
Even if we’re apart
To create a beautiful masterpiece of reaction art

So next time,
When someone says,
“What can one person really do?”
Don’t be the one
To say “None!”
Be the heart
That that reaches out from the start

Be the one
To carry on
And give hope

Reach up and out
And simply say
“A marvelous impact comes from one"
I know that it's very inconsistent, but I thought it was worth sharing. I hope you take it to heart and understand that you can make a big difference even if you don't see it right away. Follow for more if you like it! Thanks!


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  • _young_writer_

    Thank you so much, pencils.and.paper.roses!!! It means so much to have someone comment on my writing!

    6 months ago
  • pencils.and.paper.roses

    This is amazing! I love the "thrown-together" style and the message, which I wholeheartedly agree with. :)

    10 months ago