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Evette Thompson

I'm a Ghanaian college freshman based in Boston. I love music, movies, novels and food. :P

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Sometimes the lazy side of me fails to proof read or edit my essays. Please feel free to let me know of any grammatical errors in my essays. Hopefully we'll have fun sharing our pieces. XO


May 6, 2014

Through the window of my one bedroom apartment which is in Copley Square, I watched about 45,000 runners complete the 2014 Boston Marathon. The Boston Marathon is always a significant thing,but this year's event meant so much to Bostonians because of what happened during last year's marathon. First came the elite runners who completed the race with much joy and enthusiasm. But the joy and emotions of the common runners cannot be described. I tried to find the right words to describe it but I couldn't. I myself, was overwhelmed with emotions by seeing others complete something that not just means so much to them but to the whole of Boston. This year's marathon was so special to Bostonians because they had to prove to the world that We Are Boston Strong and that such a cowardly act of terror cannot bring down our pride and spirit as a community. And we did, we showed them that good people exist in Boston and that the good will prevail over the bad. We showed the world that we are OneBoston and we don't back down easily. We are strong and will always remain Boston Strong no matter the challenges we face. A winner is someone who gets up more times than he is knocked down. We are Boston and we are winners and will always be.

Though I was not in an apartment building in Copley Square during this year's marathon,I was near the finish line so I put myself in the shoes of someone who could see all the action through a window. I also watched some part of it on television so it gave me an idea of the kind of view a person looking through a window would get.


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