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This is for a school assignment where we had to write about a color. I chose red. When I think of red the first thing I think about is love. In this poem I wanted to convey that red can represent so much more. Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks!

The Color Red

February 11, 2019


The clacking of high heels.
They strut,
Swaying their hips back and forth.
Behind their pretty eyes they are searching for
Their next prey.
They are the cheetah and you are the defenseless bunny
Just trying to get back to your little rabbit hole.
They are the carnivore.
They are the stranger your mama
Warned you not to get too close to.
They are the monster that lies under your bed
And tickles your toes.
Ready to pounce at any moment.
Beyond the smell of suffocating rose perfume
They smell of something rotten.
They were born in the dead of night,
At the beginning of fall
As thunder crashed and the
Sky weeped a sorrowful act.
It was born exactly at 0300,
And the world fell silent.
They’re fragile,
But really good at lying.  
One minute they’re in love with you,
The next they’re screaming at your from across the hallway.
They will smother you.
Twisting your head to get every drop of love
Until you’re left dry
Like a raisin in the hot summer sun.
They claim they just want to love
But they only ever want to be loved.
Praised for things they’ve never done.
They have no talent.
They just use.
And yet, something in the way they look at you
Like you’re the only one in the room,
In the universe that really matters to them.
They love you
They love you
Oh, how much they love you.
They are red.


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1 Comment
  • Sol noctis

    This is very gooood...
    And yes you're right red represents a lot more than love..
    Great work..(thumbs up)

    over 1 year ago