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Chapter Six: The Game

February 11, 2019


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Lynn walked over to the screen with her full name on it and sat on a stool. There was a fingerprint scanner, and she hovered her finger over it. But before she could touch it, her fingerprint was accepted and the screen with her name went away, a new one popping up. This one had 3 pictures with the words Running, Puzzle, and Trap underneath them, and Lynn caught her breath. It was the moment of truth, and there was no turning back now.

She looked at all of the choices, considering each one carefully and reading every description. She checked each category and finally decided on Water Evasion and Rush, both of which were Running Games.

Lynna Belle Thomas, are you sure that you wish to choose WATER EVASION and RUSH?

She tapped yes.

Choices confirmed.

The screen disappeared as soon as the words passed across the screen, and Lynn jumped a bit. But she waited patiently on her stool, occasionally spinning around on it, until a bell rang. Cara, the woman from their first day, entered the room and clapped her hands. “Alright, Water Evasion! Line up behind me. I’ll be your escort for your first time.”

Lynn rolled her stool back a bit and stood up, going over to join the group. “Albany!” she said suddenly when her friend walked up. “I didn’t think you’d pick this!”

“I almost didn’t,” Albany admitted, grinning as they started down the hall. “I was about to pick Escape Artists in the Puzzle category, but I changed it at the last second. What other Game did you pick?”

“Rush,” Lynn said. “What about you?”

“I did two other ones, actually. Water Evasion, Catch, and Underneath.”

“Cool. Underneath’s a Trap Game, right?”

“Yup. I wanted to do either a Trap or a Puzzle Game, but I couldn’t decide.”

By then they’d reached their destination, and they walked into a huge, tall-ceilinged room.


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1 Comment
  • nevaredhp

    So everyone can pick however many games they want? I'm a bit confused about that. Otherwise, I'm anxiously anticipating the start of Water Evasion. It sounds like things could go very, very wrong if the Game takes them to a lab like they talked about...

    12 months ago