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Message to Readers

This story is based off a real man. He existed. He was 19 when enlisted into WW1 and died in action, fighting in the flying corps.
Yes, I made the bit up about his fiancé, but this person probably did have family in his life that he never went home to.

The Last Moments

July 31, 2015

PROMPT: Open Prompt

It was the 23rd of July, 1916 at Pozieres. In the 6th Australian Light Horse Regiment, fighting in the Army Flying Corps. His plane was falling rapidly and blood was running up his face. He had wounds that would never get the chance to heal, spread throughout his chest. The glass on the plane's windscreen was cracking at a slow and traumatizing pace. Knowing you're going to die and having to experience that was not what he'd had in mind. His fiancé was going to be waiting for him, hoping he'd arrive home. 'Would she miss me?' It was a question he'd asked himself many times, but he never thought that he would need the answer. His parents, brothers and sisters would all be waiting at the gates when he was meant to arrive home. He soon realised, that they would be waiting forever. The ground was now approaching swiftly and the glass looked like a fractured diamond.
His name was Lewis Gordon Blackmore, and he didn't want to die.
He was only 19, as he whispered goodbye...


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