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Just another girl trying to find her way in the world and using writing to help

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Hi, another random piece! Any feedback is welcome because I am always looking for improvement!

The Last Moments

July 31, 2015

PROMPT: Open Prompt

I sneaked through the door to the room and seated myself on a low shelf in the wooden cupboard. I shut the door, leaving it slightly ajar, and held my breath. If they found me, it was all over. They could take over the world for evil with what I had. I silenced my breath to hear if they were coming up the spiral staircase. When I confimed that they were still rampaging around downstairs, I looked to my hands. Green light was emanating from them. I didn't know what was happening. The light usually only came when I wanted it to. Lately, it had been lighting up and taking over me at the most random times. Killing off those I loved. I now had no family. It came at dinner one night, expanding in my heart and exploding from me. I instantly snapped back into reality as I heard them charge into the surrounding room of my hideout,
"We know you're in here..." crooned a deranged voice. I know that comment is supposed to be threatening, but we all have had the experience of hide and seek where we say that in every room. It was now or never. I focused on the green wisps of light and closed my eyes. I felt the energy build up in my chest. It wouldn't kill them all, but it would give me time to get away and find help. I braced for the coming impact and felt the energy surge through my veins and explode from my skin. 
I didn't remember anything else when I woke up on the side of a road. I rubbed my head and remembered what I was running from. I had seen his face. No its face, if you could call it a face. I dismissed the thought of its appearance and got up to leave again. The sun was just peeping above the hills, I had been here the whole night. I started to move at a walk and winced in pain, my feet were covered in cuts and slices. I groaned and stepped forward again. I had to keep moving so it wouldn't find me; I needed to find help. Suddenly, I heard a vehicle come up behind me and without thinking I dashed across the road, my feet in protest as they earned more cuts and scars. But I was no match for this vehicle, it had soon caught up to me. It was a van with sliding doors. One of the doors opened and a hand reached out and grabbed me, pulling me inside. I hit the floor of the van and before blacking out, saw its demented face smiling down at me. I fought to stay awake and make it away, but the dizziness overtook my desire and everything was over.... 


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