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Hunger Games Catching Fire Book Review

February 11, 2019

Book Review
Hunger Games Catching Fire 

            Have you ever wondered what our world would have been like if America had revolted against the government? In my opinion the outcome would be terrible and terrifying. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire By: Suzanne Collins is an adventure and science fiction book, along with a dystopia genre. This book is the second in the Hunger Games series and gives a very vivid description of what life would be like.
            This is an amazing book about a world of fear and a will to survive. Katnis Everdeen or known in the Capital as “The Girl on Fire” and Peta Melark are the victors from the 74th annual Hunger Game. The 75th Hunger Games are a Quartal Quell, which happens every 25 years. The 75th Hunger Games are special this year because the victors will be reaped no matter the age. This is horrible for Katnis because she is the only female victor from district 12. On top of all that new peace -keepers frim the Capital and they are brutal. President Snow also visits Katnis at her home and threatens her before the tour. While on the Victors Tour, Katnis and Peta witness things in the other districts that they would never have expected. Once in the Capital, all the traditions are held, but once Katnis steps in the tube to be lifted up there are many secrets and trials ahead in the games.
            The characters in this book are amazing. My favorite characters would have to be Katnis Everdeen, Finnick Odair, Mags, and Haymitch Abernathy. So Katnis Everdeen won the 74th Hunger Games and wants to protect everyone that she loves and cares about. Peta Melark is also a victor from the 74th Hunger Games and wants to keep Katnis safe. Finnick Odair became a victor at the age of 14 and learned how to fight from his mentor Mags. Mags volunteered for a young girl who was reaped to compete in the Hunger Games. Haymitch Abernathy is the first victor from district 12 and does anything in his power to keep Katnis and Peta alive. Haymitch also loves alcohol and drinks it all the time. You can relate to all these characters because they all want to protect someone. So all the characters in the book are all connected in a way that only they would understand and all just want to make it out of the arena alive to see their family. All the characters have something to live for. 
            In my opinion this book was amazing! I loved how it showed emotion through all the characters. I also liked how the story plays out. I liked how in the arena Katnis and her allies cared for each other. I loved all the suspense there was to make you keep reading and drag you deeper and deeper into the book. I also like how to finish the story you have to read the next to find what happens to the characters and story line. This book series is a must read.
            Many people would love this book. This book series in for people who like a lot of adventure and action. You would also like it if you like science fiction book. I would also recommend this book to anyone who likes books about a fallen world. This book is one of a kind.
            Suzanne Collins book Catching Fire is an amazing representation of our world with one single person in charge. It also represents that in that world the people have no rights and have to do what the government says, and we don’t want that. Our world should never be like that and should stay the same just how it is running now.


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