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A Messed Up Love Story

February 11, 2019

PROMPT: Tiny Love Story

    It all started in a 7th grade lunch class, January 8th 2017. A childish boy asked out a little innocent girl.They were called the schools cutest couple. We were so happy. But she had no idea that hurt and pain that came along with a relationship with a childish boy. They dated for two years. They did long distance. This little girl had never felt so much happiness before, even though the boy she fell in love with cheated on her and lied to her over and over again. She always said to herself things happen its going to be okay, he didn't mean to. She ran back to him every time he did her wrong even though her family and friends told her everyday you're getting verbally abused in this relationship, you deserve so much better. She never knew that something that could bring you so much happiness could destroy your heart the next minute, but something wont let you let go of that person. You walk around with your heart in heavy metal chains that drag you down all day. Her heart was broken after she found out he cheated and lied to her AGAIN. But in the end she was the one who cried and fought for the relationship even though she was the one who was hurt and being cheated on. They have already let it slip through the cracks and there was no way getting it back this time. He always said we'll be together no matter what, forever and always but i guess that forever meant until he went and found someone better. And this messed up love story ended on January 28 2019 after he decided to leave the one person who loved and believed in him the most. She had never felt so much pain before. It was almost like a bullet had gone through her heart, but she still loved the shooter with all the broken pieces. 


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