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Message to Readers

I wrote this piece during a 5-minute writing burst activity in our English class. Let me know your thoughts on this humble piece! :)

bedtime goosebumps

February 10, 2019


they say reality is a large Asia
from the corner of satan's eye —
a doomed area
where my monsters lie

but, every night
i face my room
with all my might
i face my doom

why does my soul
turn into an overhaul?
this void i feel
is almost numbness unreal

and my chest,
an auditorium that swoons
with echoes unheard
and illusive runes.

i wear my mask every night
to comfort the side of my bed
where tears are shed
into emotional dread

i only look forward
to a time
i'd find myself


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  • Quille

    This is really well-done :) Your rhymes are fantastic and vocabulary is really put to work :DDD I'll probably be reviewing........ :)
    Also, ditto Silver Pen.

    8 months ago
  • Silver Pen

    Peace and love from the Lord Jesus, the One who terrorizes fear and demons.

    8 months ago