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All I want from my works is to bring a little peace to everyone's heart, and a peace of hope to those who don't have any yet. I don't want to be remembered by my name I want to be remembered by my work.

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if you think true check (((((((((((((:
if false, I don't care


February 22, 2016


A friend picks you up after a fall. but a good friend doesn't let you fall. 

Words from MY mouth, I a lot of the things like that at my school people would ask who said that, I would tell them that I did and they would look a bit surprised, because I'm not that kind of person to say things like that. I love little pieces of advice like that, sometimes I will just look up little snippets like that for hours on just random stuff like love, or peace, or joy. I just don't know why, that is totally against my personality, but I don't care I love them.

Any quotes I come up with I would put money on, but if you don't like my quotes (I my at some point ;say some things that could tick people off) than I don't care. But if you be hating upon me, OR my quotes I will do everything I can  to shut you up. 

I can't say how many times I tried and failed, but I don't care about that as long as those failures don't make you as a person change. Any or all of those fails might put you down but think there will always be another day to get you that much closer to success.


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