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Queen Reyna in my story Love's A Lie

February 10, 2019

PROMPT: Living People

    1. What is something about your character that no one knows?
It was an accident, she never meant to fall in love the with the devil's son. And the moment she realized she loved it, was the same moment she knew they were both doomed.
    2. What is his/her favorite time of day?
Sliding out of bed, Reyna made her way toward her window, that looked over the kingdom. She watched the sun peek from behind the mountains, as it prepared itself for another. Dawn, the only piece of proof that another day can start, even after a bad one.
    3. Who is his/her closest confidant?
Smiling, Reyna gave Head Adviser Nicholas a hug, trying to hold back the tears. He was the closest thing to a Father she ever had.
    4. What is something she collects?
Running her fingers along the bookcase, Reyna beamed at her small collection of books she had stolen from the Palace Library.
    5. What was her last nightmare about?
'Somehow, Ahava had her again. She couldn't remember how, or even when he would've taken her, but she was back. In that dreadful dungeon, only this time, more blood stained the ground. And her ankles had shacks on them, not just her wrists. Crying out, Reyna called out every name she ever knew. But all that answered were meaningless echos.'
Reyna woke up screaming, with sweat dripping down her body.

    6. What is the first thing she thinks about when she wakes up in the morning?
Groaning, Reyna rolled over, mentally going over everything she had to do today. Some days, she wished her sister was born first, so she never had to be Queen.
    7. What is something that fascinates her?
Calling the Palace gardener over, Reyna waited until after she bowed, before she began to talk.
"Do you have any new flowers for me today?" Reyna asked, clasping her hands together. As she spoke, her eyes gazed at the garden, quietly praising each flower and it's beauty.

    8. What is something that embarrasses her?
Frowning, Reyna grabbed her sister by the arm and quickly dragged her into the other room, not caring about all the servants and guards watching.
"How dare you talk about our childhood years! I am Queen, little sister, and I don't need your stories changing how people look at me! Servants or not, everyone's opinions matter," Reyna scolded, letting go of her sister's arm.

    9. How does she like to celebrate her birthday?
Covering her mouth, Reyna tried to hide the giggle as she watched some of the children run to the middle of the floor and begin dancing. The kingdom's birthday festivals for her, were always her favorite events.
    10. What was the last book she read?
Closing the book, Reyna slid part one of the Kingdom's history over to Head Adviser Nicholas.
    11. What her favorite type of weather?
They danced, and it was the most beautiful and extraordinary night Reyna had ever had. The rain feel in their hair, and water splashed as their feet hit the ground. It was perfect, and not even Kol could deny that.
    12. What is her best habit?
Once Reyna finished signing her name, she quickly flipped the paper over, and put a dot on the top, left corner. A trick she taught herself when she was little, so she always knew what papers she signed, and which were forged.
    13. Worst habit?
"You're so bossy!" My little sister, Elara, hissed, sticking her tongue out.
"Real mature," Reyna snapped back, crossing her arms.

    14. What is her earliest memory?
Taking a deep breath, Reyna thought about the first time she found out she was going to be Queen. She was six, and had been playing in the throne room, when Mother came in, surrounded by her ladies. She wore a bright green dress, that made her red hair seem brighter than normal, and her skin paler. Upon seeing her daughter, Queen Everly opened her arms, and scooped her daughter up into a hug.
"My Princess," her Mother cooed, kissing her on the forehead.
"Mommy! You're the Queen!" Reyna giggled, touched the crown on her head.
"Only until you come of age, my sweet Reyna."

    15. What makes her nervous or anxious?
Feeling the sweat on her hands, Reyna put her hands behind her back, hoping no one noticed. Council meetings always made her heart race, and she was never quite able to keep her legs from shaking. Silently, she thanked the fact she always wore long dresses.
To read the story, Love's A Lie (Part 1), click here.


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