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The City of a Thousand Sorrows

February 10, 2019

Do you remember? Do you remember?
    These are the whispers that hiss around you as you take another step, broken glass crunching beneath your feet. It is the glass of broken hearts, of broken dreams. This is the City of a Thousand Sorrows. On the maps, it is shaped like a butterfly, wings unfurling, tiny feathers quivering. Waiting for the hand that will pluck them, one by one. Glittering wing dust, shimmering on your fingers.
    You won't realize you are in the city at first. The buildings look the same--the library, the houses, the apartment buildings with tenants staring out the window, their sadness propped on an elbow, wearing sorrow like a familiar mask. You won't realize until your hear the glass, the broken hearts. You won't realize until you hear the voices.
    Do you remember? the voices ask, glass crunching beneath your feet. Do you remember? 


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1 Comment
  • JCWriter

    Thought-provoking. I like your descriptive language here!

    almost 2 years ago