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A Magical World

By: buddingauthor

PROMPT: Library Magic

Libraries are the epitome of wisdom, thoughts and opinions. It has given all that have entered it, a brand new experience and enlightenment.
Personally, library was, and still is a favourite period and I never miss it. It was the place where I developed my taste of reading and writing. The fresh of old and new pages the moment I enter a library is a scent I will never forget. I was a lonely child in my earlier classes and didn't really have a lot of friends, so library was a place where I could be me, not talk to anyone, and no one would judge me as a nerdy, lonely girl. Library holds a special place in my heart because this was the place that I never got bored of and that helped me through the years when I had no friends. This was the place which led me to my passion- writing and introduced me to a world I never dreamed of- The World of Readers and Writers. It made me realise that a quiet girl with powerful thoughts can share her feelings without making friends forcefully. Library is the place where I first realised that I want to be a writer and go into this field with a thousand different opinions and thoughts. No one judges anyone and everyone is open towards new ideas. Libraries are truly a place of wonder and I am so grateful I got to visit such a divine place. Thankyou so much! 

Message to Readers

Hey all! I am sorry to have not published anything in ages but I have my exams around the corner so its a little tough. I hope you all can understand.

Peer Review

"Library is the place where I first realised that I want to be a writer and go into this field with a thousand different opinions and thoughts." It truly expresses your love of library.

About your experiences there, the books, the books you read, etc.

Reviewer Comments

What a magical piece!