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Save the Sharks

By: Chi Chi Zhao

PROMPT: Strike

What do you think of when I say sharks? Do you think of the monster from Jaws, a beast that is wanting to devour all humans who set foot in the ocean? Well, sharks are actually nothing like that, only an average of 5 people are killed per year by sharks, less than cows and lightning. They're not actually trying to hunt us, but we're killing them. Every year millions of sharks are killed for the shark finning industry, left to die long painful deaths after being stripped of their fins. Scientists estimate that 90% of all sharks have been killed already! Apart from not being the evil creatures the media makes them out to be, sharks are actually essential for the ecosystem. The sharks sit at the top of the food chain and if they were killed, then many plankton would be wiped out. Plankton is responsible for 70% of the world's oxygen, so if sharks were wiped out, so would our oxygen supply!

If you want to know more, you can watch the documentary Sharkwater- it's really good and you'll learn a lot more on the issue. 

Peer Review

This piece affects the writer by the point that it delivers to the readers. Even I felt affected of the piece since we are the ones who kill the sharks. It is so painful to our guts that we use them for our own daily needs and lately we would pay for what we had done.

I was compelled of ourselves killing the sharks living in this world and the major effect of doing this.

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