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Message to Readers

So much of this was not in the first draft and I'm blowing my own mind with how much it's already changing!

ANY AND ALL FEEDBACK IS ABSOLUTELY WELCOME!! Even if you hate it, please tell me. Anyway, enjoy! :) :P :D

Chapter Five: The Game

February 10, 2019


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Beep beep, beep beep, beep beep…

Lynn rolled over in bed. What the heck? she thought. Where was the beeping coming from? She forced open her sleep-infested eyes to find an alarm clock on the nightstand by her bed. She tried to hit the off button, but didn’t find one. She turned it over and felt there. Ah, there it was! She pressed the button, then looked over to Cassidy after it shut off. Rarely a morning person, Cassidy had tried to hit the snooze button but hadn’t been able to find it, only succeeding in knocking her clock to the floor.

Lynn grinned and crossed the room to shut her friend’s clock off. “Oh, thank you so much!” Cassidy said dramatically, hugging Lynn. “You’re an absolute lifesaver!”

She nearly fell off the bed when Lynn began to laugh, and she barely caught herself, causing Lynn’s laughter to change into fits of giggles and Cassidy to start laughing wildly.

Once they pulled themselves together, Lynn checked their schedule and her eyes grew big. “Cassidy, hurry! Breakfast starts in 15 minutes!”

They hurried to change clothes and then rushed out the door, trying to remember which way it was to the dining hall. “Was it left?” Cassidy asked Lynn, exasperated.

“I don’t know!” Lynn said, equally exasperated. “I think it was right. Let’s go right.”

So they went right and it appeared that they were on the right path. But as soon as they thought they’d reached it, they stumbled into a meeting room filled with people wearing black suits. Luckily no one saw them and they managed to slip out quietly. But just as they left, Lynn paused long enough to hear one of them say “…and then once it starts, we can retrieve them and take them to the lab.”

Huh? Lynn thought. What was that about? Retrieve what? What did the Game have to do with a lab?

But there were only five minutes left before breakfast started, and she didn’t want to miss it. So she pushed the thoughts aside to focus on their mission to find the dining hall.

They finally reached it, and Albany was waiting for them at the door. “What took so long?” she asked.
“We just forgot the way here,” Lynn replied. Why hadn’t she told Albany about what they’d walked in on? She didn’t know, but decided to let it be.

“Oh, I get that,” Albany said. “It took me like, a week just to remember how to find my dorm last time. I’m only here this year because I didn’t win. But I got in trouble a lot for being outside my dorm after lights-out because I got lost!”

Lynn and Cassidy laughed and went to get food. Then they returned to Albany and went to find a table. “So what Games do you think you’ll pick?” Cassidy asked, taking a bite of omelet.

As Cassidy and Albany chattered about the choices, Lynn’s mind wandered and settled on her mother. She remembered how her mom had reacted to Lynn’s entry to the Game, and the ultimatum she’d placed on her daughter. Why was she so worried?

“Lyyyyn,” Cassidy suddenly said, waving her hand in front of Lynn’s face. “Lynn? Earth to Lynn!”

“What?” Lynn said, laughing and returning to reality. “Sorry, I totally spaced out there for a second.”

“No kidding!” Albany said, laughing also. “We were talking about the Game choices.”

“Oh. Yeah, I don’t know what I’ll pick yet. Do you think there’s anything with water?”

They talked about the choices for the Game for the rest of the meal, almost abandoning their food. When the meal bell rang, they looked to each other excitedly, realizing that it was almost time.

“All contestants who have arrived after the date of Friday, September 25th, please report to the auditorium on the second floor.” a gentle voice announced from the ceiling.

The trio stood and went to the door, where a large group of others was congregating. A few kids at the front seemed to be leading. Lynn suddenly realized that she recognized one of them: was that Ross? He’d entered the Game? That must have been the reason he was at the principal’s office the day before. Inwardly Lynn groaned in frustration. Of all the people to have entered! She shook her head and moved forward.

The group of about 30 kids trotted down the corridor and up the stairs to the auditorium, many of them whispering to each other. What were they about to be told? Was it going to be boring like at school? But they all hushed when they entered the auditorium, a large room filled with row upon row of red-upholstered seats. There was a stage in the front of it with light yellow-and-orange curtains on it and a microphone in front of them. Lamps lined the walls, giving the room a soft glow. The group filed into each row and filled the first three as a black-suited man stood on the stage, waiting for them to get situated.

“Hello,” he said. “Welcome to the Game. For a few of you, this might not be your first Game; maybe you entered in the Game before this one. But for most of you, it’s your first time here, and you don’t know much about what happens. Now, for the basics…”

The man continued to talk, but Lynn didn’t hear. She was fixated on his black suit, a suit that looked exactly the same as the ones the people in the meeting room had been wearing. Did he know anything about the conversations? The lab? There were so many questions, but she didn’t have time to worry about them. She had to focus on the speech.

Over the course of the man’s speech, she learned that the Game had been founded over 40 years ago. It had originally been something that was created by a group of kids over the summer, something for them to do as entertainment. But it had grown much bigger, with groups from all over the country hearing about it and wanting to compete. So it became a national, tri-annual event that anyone 15 and under could enter.

As for competing in the Game itself? There were several categories of Games: Running, Puzzle, and Trap. Running Games mainly consisted of being in a simulation that mimicked something like flames surrounding you or a stampede, and the player would have to outrun whatever the danger was by going through a complex obstacle course. Puzzle Games were things like solving puzzles to escape a room. Finally, Trap Games were things like being stuck underground (simulated, of course) and finding your way out, or using clues to find your way out of a simulated building within a time limit.

The man’s speech finally ended after half an hour. “Now please follow me to the Selection Room.” The group clambered from their seats, chattering loudly and no longer the quiet, subdued group that had entered the auditorium earlier.
They went back down the stairs and ended up in a room filled with large screens and small stools. Each screen had a name on it, and one of them was Lynn’s.

“And now, players,” the man announced. “It is time to choose your Games.”


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  • nevaredhp

    I love how the suspense is building! Lynn's thoughts and actions are very realistic, and I'm excited to see what will happen if she runs into Ross :) also I like how us readers slowly learn more and more about the Game.

    12 months ago
  • Quille

    This is going really awesome!! I can't help feeling that there's something really sinister about the whole thing though............ something to do with the lab? Do kids get killed?
    Sorry, just asking these questions here to let you know what I'm theorizing at this point :DD You're doing an awesome job with this!! :D

    over 1 year ago