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18. lover of TV, movies, and comic books. sci-fi and fantasy are my loves and poetry is who i turn to at night.

Time Divided

February 22, 2016

PROMPT: Flashlight

She wakes up with her face to his chest.
He smells like honey, sweet and light.
She has to pull back for cool air to hit
her sweaty face. 
She smiles at his peaceful face and just
has to place a kiss to his collarbone.
He has the habit of throwing his arms around her.
She stays in the bed, her hands against his chest.
She looks up for a second at him for one more time,
before she leaves. 
She'll have to write a note, he'll call and leave a message,
angry and annoyed, as he should be,
but she has her job, and not even his love will stop her. 


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