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101 words over the word count, but it's nonetheless a mini love story that's deeply personal to me :)

Love Isn't Just A Feeling

February 9, 2019

PROMPT: Tiny Love Story

When they first met, she was already seated at a maroon bench. He arrived in a beat-up leather jacket, panting.

“You’re late,” she scowled. He usually was. He flashed an impish smile.

They were two Singaporeans attending an Asian society meeting at an American university. This would mark the first of many “fortuitous” encounters, which entailed him—a Business major—bumping into her at the Psychology department, or visiting her at the mall where she worked. When he finally asked her out, she relented.

He held open the door to his second-hand mustang, which only revved to life after its engine splattered for a good minute, much to her disapproval. She was used to the finer things in life, but slowly learned to trade them in for an adventurous time, mostly driven by his carefree spirit. He didn’t come from much, but he was creative, vivacious and kind.

Two decades later, he still frustrates her when his kindness turns into an exploitable weakness, or when they’re running late and he forgets the car keys. Her obstinance and type-A personality often irk him too. Yet they continue to love daily.

Because love isn’t just about chocolates and butterflies; it’s about choosing, decidedly, to stay.


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  • Quille

    Beautiful :) I love the word choices and that last sentence really hits home :DD

    9 months ago