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February 9, 2019


A crossroad, metaphorically speaking, is when you find yourself stuck into making a decision between 2 equaly good or equaly bad options(that´s because when your options are, one good and one bad, you don´t actualy have to make a decision, you will obviously choose the good one,clearly unless you´re self destructive lol), this decision may change the curse of your life depending of the magnitude and nature of itself, that is why, when you make it, no matter how meaningless it seems, you have to think carefully to have a good outcome.
The thing is, when you find yourself put in a situation where the decision to make isn´t between doing one thing or another, but it is to do or not to do something, and that´s what this writing is all about, ENCOURAGING YOU to always be a doer, to always try something new, to always step out of your comfort zone, to always be yourself even if it means to outstand and you don´t like it, it doesn´t matter, EMBRACE IT, always choose to do.
And you may say "Well, that´s easy for you to say, you´re an extrovert" or maybe "That´s because  you are the type of person that likes stepping out of their comfort zone" but that isn´t true, I actually hate being the center of atention, or going to places where i don´t know anybody, I feel extremely isolated and vulnerable because I think maybe people won´t like the way I am, but not so long ago, I started to shut that thoughts, and not shutting myself off of meeting new people, and you can´t imagine how many friends I have make since then, it was difficult at the beginning, but let me tell you one thing; All, absolutely ALL of the opportunities(social, academic, etc) are outside, just outside, of your comfort zone, and all you have to do, is step right out.
So in conclusion, when you have and opportunity to do something new, TAKE IT! Every good or bad experience is an opportunitie to learn, so from now on, I DARE YOU to never miss a chance to do something new.


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  • Quille

    I accept the dare! :DD Fantastic job with this; it's powerfully motivating :D

    9 months ago