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oh. . . o k a y

February 9, 2019


i want-
i don't know what it is,
but i want it.
​i want it so desperately
my bones ache.

and i wish someone would just-
ask. ask. ask.
are you okay?

i'm - i'm - i'm -

i'm not
o k a y .

smiles and
books and
text messages
hide someone-
whispers and
nods and
darting eyes
hide someone.

and that someone
is not
o k a y .
she is not
o k a y
with- being forgotten?
with- being a passerby?
with- simply existing as a
convenient place for
them to find
she is not
o k a y .
i am not
o k - oh.

i get it now.

i want to be wanted.

does this make sense? i don't feel this way all the time, just... sometimes. thoughts?
(p.s. if you guess correctly what the bolded and unbolded words mean, you get a shout out)



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  • asteria

    thank you @gwtwgirl, i’m glad you can find a part of yourself in this

    over 1 year ago
  • gwtwgirl

    Really enjoyed this read. I relate to it on a personal level. Great piece.

    over 1 year ago
  • asteria

    your comment made me smile, Johanna. thank you :)

    over 1 year ago
  • Johanna

    Oh this was so elegantly and beautifully written- I can relate ;~;
    I love your questioning tone, and also, loving your (always amazing) format and lay out of the words. (bold, italic, spaces in between)

    over 1 year ago