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"How strange it is to be anything at all"

footprints in deep space (and the implications of such anomalies)

February 8, 2019

She wishes to step further, humming some old song that carries your once-familiar breath on its overused melody. Her teeth are whiter since the snow left its tracks — just another transformation she amused herself with, back against the absence. It still throbs, hollow, casting something ghostly across already half-alive hands. The same ones she used to love (many times before, but a few in between crescendos)

Something is in the way. Earth-made and trodden boots, it becomes apparent, are incapable of stepping through time. Or stars. Hearts seem to be the exception. How it stings to be a perpetrator. With a sigh, she turns away and trudges back to bed.

He wishes to turn back, like the dwindling clock on a screen perhaps eight times the size of us. Intoxication is notoriously reckless if one is alone past midnight. But he knows these things will haunt him, and a golden-hour glow will not gloss over the knots in your silhouette — the one still admired, however he may choose to perceive it (when mortality is so achingly beautiful, the carrier is touched by many but felt by only few)

Something is in the way. Maybe it’s the time, or the holes in socks and lovers they have yet to properly replace. Or take back. How lovely is the high that comes after a greater low. Sleeping pills only do so much; he slinks back down to the fire. Nothing better to do but see what a spark can burn.


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  • Anha

    this is beautiful! the contrasts bleed into each other perfectly, it's almost like a vignette - watching a little piece of someone else's life and tucking it into your shirt pocket for safe keeping. brilliant work!

    almost 2 years ago