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the little girl with wings

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im very sad so heres a poem about me being sad

the worst misery i have known

February 8, 2019


one day i will move away

and you'll be dead and gone

one day i will laugh away

the trauma and the harm

i will be in orangey haze, lilac life across the pond 

singing new wave songs, all night long

one day i will dance away

the teasing and the taunts

i will sit within his garden and read to him for hours

my muse , my love

i will come for him. 

one day this life will be forgotten

no longer will i know these old haunts

these people

the abusers, vapid and angry,

seething out on me, for they fear each other

despite being manifestations of the same devil. 

one day i will manifest

and reform

like the shell-fish from the ocean

earth's first heartbreak. 

oof my mental health has been on the decline ladies n gentlemen!! kinda not good. kinda hurting. but alas. oh well. here lies a a poem. 


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  • palindrome

    I really enjoyed reading this piece! I have a review for it coming your way...

    about 1 year ago