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Review: Room of Magic

February 8, 2019

PROMPT: Library Magic

As a kid, I love going to the library. I find the best books, and get to read them fo free. The library is a magical place, and you can find a book for any genre. I love the library. Besides Church, Barnes & Nobles, and my imagination, it's my favorite place to go. I always beg my mom and dad to go to Barnes & Nobles, and if they refuse, I plead to them that I want a book from the library. Usually, they say yes, because they love it when I read. I'm also a fast reader, so we go to bookstores and libraries frequently. Libraries have held a special place in my life, and, because it's so quiet, I get to read in silence, fully indulging in the book. I love books, more than video games. If I had to choose one to quit doing for the rest of my life, between electronics and books, I would pick books. Honestly, books are better, and you never get old of reading. Sooner or later, you get tired of video games, even if you're a pro gamer. So I say this to everyone out there, old and young, libraries are amazing places. 

    If you aren't reading a book right now, rush to the nearest library and get one!


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