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The Magic Library(ian)

By: LyraLynne

PROMPT: Library Magic

    What is a library without a spectacular librarian to give it its magic? My elementary school library was my favorite place in the whole world. I liked it more than the public library with its large confusing sorting system and too many unappreciative kids. No, this library was a home to me. I knew exactly where every genre, every book I loved, every magazine and small surprise was. Wednesday became my favorite day of the week because that's when I'd get to go to the library with my class. Our librarian was phenomenal. She got everyone to read. Nonfiction, fiction, sci-fi, fantasy, anything. With a system of points and rewards for getting them, everyone looked forward to seeing her. If you got 100% on a test on a book, your name would go into a drawing for the most anticipated prize: a Webkinz stuffed animal. with 100 points you got a t-shirt, 500 a sweatshirt, and with 1000 points, the librarian would take you and a friend out to dinner. There was no question why everyone knew that our library was the best. Even after I went away to middle school, I would prefer that library. The library in our junior high didn't compare in the slightest. When my elementary school's librarian announced that she was going to retire, I cried. To make sure that she knew how much she impacted everyone, I made her a card, and got everyone in my grade who went to that elementary school to sign it. She and that library changed my life. She was the one who knew, even before I did, that I would be a writer someday. Because of her, I realized my love for literature. If (when) I publish my first book, it will be dedicated to her. My favorite librarian, Mrs. Pleyel.

Peer Review

My favorite line is when you said that you wrote her a card and made everyone sign it to show her how she impacted everyone. But I think, you writing this draft, that you have just impacted her life even more, whether she reads this or not. Now, everyone will know how special she was to you.

I think that you described everything pretty dang good. But, I would love to know more about your journey in the library.

Reviewer Comments

A very good story. I love the way you wrote it. From a child's perspective, but with the writing of an experienced, mature person. Very well done!