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This a two-part series that I will be doing with my friend. I will post the next episode in two weeks, however, the detective PoV will be uploaded next week.

Bruh this mans killed a homie pt1

February 8, 2019


    I sat, a wild grin on my face, checking out my handiwork. Mr. Beauregard lay on the floor of the game room, scarlet liquid oozing from the wound in his back. I had saved his child who he mistreated so cruelly. In fact, here came his son now. 
    "Wh-what?" The boy stumbled. 
    "It is okay, boy. I have liberated you from the rule of this drunken man!" I said, presenting the corpse. 
    "Dad!" The boy rushed to his dead father's side. 
    "He is dead. I have killed him." I announced. "Therefore, you are free from his commands. You're welcome."
    The boy reached into his back pocket. I expected him to pull out a big wad of cash to reward me. Instead, he pulled from his pocket, a flashlight. 
    How that was any type of reward, I thought. However, it was getting dark and was hard to see the way back home. 
    But that was not his idea. He flashed the light towards my eyes. It was a very bright light, and blinded me for a few seconds.
    When my vision was clear, the boy was at the mountable wall phone, yelling into the phone. 
    "HELP! 911! MY FATHER HAS BEEN MURDERED!" He squeaked. 
    How annoying. I try to help the boy, and in return he claimed I "murdered" him. Oh, well. I reached to my utility belt and pulled out my revolver. With a quick fire, the boy dropped, a bullet wound in his chest. I was quite a shot, as I had trained at the military academy. However, I was expelled for my opinions on the worthlessness of human lives. They said it was "merciless." I call it, "defensive."
    I checked the boys and the man's pockets. The boy had nothing but his flashlight, which I took for a reward. The man had his wallet, which I also took. On the way out, I dropped my bloody steak knife in the sink. Someone would clean it off.
    The sound of police sirens rang through the open back window. I scowled. They would not catch me. All I did was good, I would not get punished for it.
    I crawled out the back window, and fled into the forest.


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