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You know what, I can’t explain myself. I’m awkward in real life, and sometimes just as awkward in my writing. I’ll review/ comment on things if you ask. I like to think I’m a pretty nice person, but I’m also a huge nerd. Um... yeah that’s it.

Message to Readers

This is just a short story I wanted to write. Sorry if it’s too short, I just wrote it for fun.

How I Got into This Mess

February 11, 2019


   When people die, they are transported to the event that ultimately caused their death. They sit there, existing, while at the same time, not existing. Watching the event that led to their death play out.
   My name is Avery. I was a boy in 10th grade until a few minutes ago. I committed suicide. There was black for a minute, but then it started to get lighter. Now it’s an extremely pure white color, and something is starting to come into focus….
  A room appeared. A classroom, full of seventh grade students. The students looked to be in homeroom, and they were all messing around. Except for one child. One child was sitting in the corner reading. The other kids were laughing at the small boy in the corner, calling him a nerd for reading on the first day of school.
  A classroom. And that boy in the corner. Me. When I was in seventh grade. What significance did this moment have? Why was I remember if this? Then I remembered. Seventh grade. The year they made fun of me. Called me a nerd. In homeroom and the first two periods, I had ELA. And every morning, they made fun of me. For at least the first two hours of every school day, I felt completely alone.
    The other children sneered at the boy, saying things like “Teacher’s pet,” and “Nerd.” Pain showed on his face, but he kept his head down. He didn’t speak out or speak a word, he just sat there. Submissively taking the insults. The teacher saw the kids, but didn’t say anything. The small boy kept reading his book, getting lost in mysterious worlds.
   This event obviously held importance. The teasing happened every day for at least half of the school year, maybe more. I remember after seventh grade I started doubting myself. Eventually hating myself. Hating myself so much that I wanted to kill myself…


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  • Johanna

    I hope you're okay :( don't watch yourself with other people's eyes! You are you and that is enough!

    9 months ago
  • BrokenSmile

    I write from my own emotions.

    10 months ago
  • Julius Caesar

    too short? who cares if it's too short. it's packed with sooo much emotion in so little words

    10 months ago
  • Quille

    Nice! :D

    10 months ago