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Today and Tomorrow

February 8, 2019

February 8, 2019
Stressed, working endlessly
I'm struggling to focus on everything at once-
Balancing dreams, hopes, and ambitions with today's work and day-to-day chores
Trying to keep my eyes forward without stumbling on the rocks I can't see beneath my feet-
I'm tired.
I'm working so hard to
Ignore the distractions of so many things but
It's hard.
The only thing I can see is the blinding light at the end of the tunnel
The hope - the dream - of achieving the life I want;
Of finally standing there
Under the shadow of the Herndon Monument
Knowing that I have made it and I am on my way to victory.

June 16, 2034
It has been many, many long years,
But I am finally sitting on my back porch,
Curled up on the side of my couch with a pen in my hand and a journal on my lap.
Every day had been a struggle-
Just one step after the other was all I could see,
Until I was standing at the next finish line:
Up on stage with my diploma in my hand; then
In front of so many new faces with my rank on my collar; then
Sitting in the pilot's seat of a new helicopter; then
Standing across from my husband on the altar; then
Walking into my new house, knowing I had reached my dreams.
There are still more roads to travel and more turns to take, but the hardest parts are behind me.


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