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I'm 17 and I like to write and draw. Go check out my stuff at (shameless plug). I write mostly creative non-fiction because I feel like I have a lot of stories to tell.

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The Fates

February 8, 2019



day grandma and grandma’s sister came to pick me up for art
money to gamble. how much I had. I was only twelve.
250, and they were disappointed; if my sister were here, they would have gotten more.
Grandma took 250 from me and we went to koreatown plaza because dad said to drop me off. 이모할머니: “Let’s buy two breads for the trip.”
Grandma: “We don’t have money for that.”
Grandma went to parking lot and bumped into car and left cursing both the world and mom
for wanting to divorce. “She’s just a housewife, what can she do without her husband? She’s
so stupid.”
Grandma drives away in a hurry and we talk about mosquitoes.
이모할머니: “Mosquitoes always bite me because my skin is thin. You too Gina right? Except you could see her skin is thin because it’s white; what happened to my skin? This is why I can’t love our mom.”
Grandma takes
money from dad “Grandma, did you earn much?”
“Yea! 20 dollars.”


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