Jey Min (SOTA)


I write when I gain inspiration. I aspire to be a published poet someday.

Nights on Earth

February 8, 2019


Nights on Earth bring forth:
the silent streetlights
storming the slanted ground with their
blinding luminance.

Nights on Earth bring forth:
the faraway stars
burning slowly a few million years away
the only things I can see looking up through the window,
(trees rushing)
age brushing against my childish mind.

This Night on Earth,
I am watching the stars,
just a few years older the last they shone
thinking lost friends are like shooting stars:
they are as heavy as a desperate wish
and are worth a stray glance there, then back.
Eyes raised heavenward,
(All silent)
a blink, a flicker and the wish slips through time,
like running sand in a cosmic hourglass.


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