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Okay, I officially hate formatting *eye roll* My mom gave me a Fiction Format 101 lesson earlier and I do not like it at all. XD

Any and all feedback is welcome. Even if you hate it, please tell me! It's my second draft and any editing ideas are hugely helpful.

Thanks so much to everyone who's read it so far, and I hope you enjoy what I've got next! :P

Chapter Three: The Game

February 7, 2019


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When she arrived at school, instead of going to class, Lynn walked to the principal’s office. She knocked on the door to Mr. Diaz’s office and was welcomed in. She explained what she was there for, and he nodded knowingly. “So you won’t be here for the next month, correct?”

“I don’t know,” Lynn said. “I thought I was just here to make sure I’d entered.”

Mr. Diaz frowned. “They didn’t tell you? You’ll be going to the training center about an hour away from here until the Game starts, when you move over to the official Center. You’ll probably be leaving tonight, along with anybody else who entered within the last week.”

“Oh, Lynn said. “I didn’t know that.”

“Don’t worry, you won’t have to catch up afterward. And we’re all rooting for you!” Mr. Diaz gave a thumbs up. Lynn grinned and gave one back.

On her way out of the office, a kid that Lynn recognized as a boy named Ross looked up. He was in her Science and English classes, and he drove her nuts. He stood up and went into the office as she left, and she wondered what he was there for.  Other than being annoying, he didn’t really do anything wrong. She put it out of her mind and went to go to her Music elective.

After sitting through the rest of her day, her brain on autopilot, and an assembly she couldn’t skip, she arrived home at about 5 o’clock. Waiting in the mailbox was a letter addressed to her. It read: 
Lynna Belle Thomas,
     Thank you for your entry into the Game! You are required to arrive at the Training Point by 7 pm on September 29th in order to have your belongings situated in time for Selection and Training to begin on the morning of September 30th.
Schedules will be issued to all contestants upon arrival. If two or more training sessions are missed without good reason, you will be disqualified and sent home. Training will consist of lifelike simulations of the actual Game that you will go through until you have mastered each level.
     The official Game will begin on the morning of November 1st, when you and your fellow contestants will be transported to the Center to play your first rounds. If you succeed in placing within the Top 100 players, you will move on to the next round, while the other contestants will be disqualified. This continues until you reach the last round, where the final winner is determined.
    Again, we thank you for your entry and we wish you all the best in your efforts.
                                               Jade Inlis
                                    Secretary at Point of Entry #510
                                              The Game
Lynn folded up the piece of paper as she went into the house, a guilty feeling suddenly settling over her. She was thrilled to be entering, of course, and it all sounded interesting. But her mother’s disappointment still hung over her like a looming cloud, and it was dampening her spirits. And it only worsened when she entered the kitchen to find a note from her mom that read: Went to get meat for dinner with your aunt and uncle tomorrow. Good luck in the Game. Love you.

Lynn sat down in a chair, disappointed that she wouldn’t be able to see her mom before she headed off to the Game. At least she didn’t sound mad anymore. Suddenly she heard honking outside at the same time that someone knocked on the front door. Lynn went to investigate and discovered Cassidy standing outside her door, grinning.

“Hey!” Lynn greeted her. “What are you doing here?”

“Well, since we’re both entering the Game and we’re supposed to be there by 7 tonight, I asked Mom if she could bring you when she took me. She said yes, so here we are!” Cassidy laughed.

Lynn considered before accepting. “Sure!” she told her friend. “Let me leave a note for my mom and pack a few things. Apparently she went to get meat for tomorrow’s dinner with our aunt and uncle and she’s not back yet. Meet you outside?”
Cassidy nodded and headed to her mom’s car while Lynn went upstairs to her bedroom. She pulled several shirts, pairs of pants, and a jacket from her closet and put them in her backpack, then headed back to the kitchen. On the back of her mom’s original note, she scribbled, Got a ride to the Game w/ Cassidy and her mom. Sorry I won’t see you. :(  Love you.

She headed back out to the car after that, and Mrs. Jessen pulled out of Lynn’s driveway. “So are you guys excited to be entering?” she asked.

“Yes yes yes yes yes!” Cassidy shouted excitedly, bouncing in her seat.

Mrs. Jessen laughed. “Lynn? What about you? You seem pretty quiet.”

“Oh, I’m definitely excited,” Lynn responded. “Just kind of disappointed I didn’t get to see my mom and tell her bye before I left.”

Cassidy’s mom frowned. “I feel you. Life doesn’t always turn out the way we want it to, does it?”

“But aren’t you excited?” Lynn’s bouncing friend said, grabbing her hand. “Oh, I think I bounced my brain around!”
Lynn laughed and the conversation turned to things like the school musical (neither of them were in it, but they were planning on watching it) and what they though the Game would be like until Lynn glanced out the window and gasped.

“Guys, look! We’re here!”

It was a giant building with matte gold bricks and white pillars. The ceiling had an overhang with lights in it, illuminating the windows below. The stairs led to a large set of silver frosted glass doors that large groups of people were going in and out of, and still other groups were outside on the lawn. There was a strip of shrubbery around the building, too, and it was a nice contrast to the stark, sleek exterior of the building.

They reached a gate with a blocker and several people checking cars. “Reason for entry, ma’am?” a man asked Mrs. Jessen in a businesslike tone when she pulled up.

“The girls in the backseat are participants in the Game, sir.” Mrs. Jessen responded in an equally businesslike voice. “I’m just escorting them to the door.”

“I’m sorry, ma’am, but I can’t allow you to do that. Participants only past the gate.” He smiled. “Just safety procedure.”
Mrs. Jessen frowned and turned to the girls in the backseat. “Okay, guys. Just a couple things to tell you. Cassidy: try to turn down the excitement a little and focus on what you’re doing. I love your crazy, boisterous self, but it can get in the way of what needs done. Got that?”

 Cassidy nodded.

“Good. I love you, remember that always. Lynn: I know your mother wasn’t able to be there when you left, but don’t let your disappointment block your happiness or ruin your focus! I know you’re thrilled to be here, so let that show. And one thing to tell both of you: Crush it! You know we all want you to win.”


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    Awesome!!!!!!!!!!! :DDDD This is really, really good & interesting :DD I can't wait to find out what the Game is all about :)

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