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Fake ID

February 18, 2019

Fake ID is a realistic fiction book by Lamar Giles. The book starts off by talking about a young teen. His name is Nick. Nick moves a lot due to this program him and his family are on. The name of the program is Witness Protection. Him and his family have to tell the program how their life is in return for protection and money. Tony is use to the moving all around life style and moving to yet another school is nothing new for him. Like any other kid his age he hates school and if you put himself in your shoes you could understand that moving schools almost every year is tough. Nick is not the kind of kid to make friends easily. He is not the kind of guy to even want friends. He tries to go on with his day like normal. He walks to his next calls which is gym talking to coach about his clothes. After he was assigned a locker, he started changing into his gym clothes. Like any high school there always are bullies. But Nick wasn't the type to be bullied. A football player from the school's football team and his three other friends always thought they were the coolest, but since Nick showed up all the attention was on him. They got in a fight with Nick and ended up beating him up, but Nick didn't go down without a fight. Then Nick met Eli the school's photographer. Eli is a master mind when it comes to technology and digging up information in general. Eli shares his theory that the town the live in is run by more than just the mayor. He tells Nick how the cops are on someone's leash and how the town is acting different. Nick thought the theory was absurd and told Eli to get some sleep and left. On the next day Eli was murdered in his own school office. No one knows who did it or why would anyone want to murder a teenage boy. Finally Nick believes Eli and how all his theories make sense. Nick comes to Eli's house to check on Reya and Eli's family. He meets Eli's mom and his family. He finds Reya upstairs talking on the phone. She tells him that she has to find who did that to her brother and why they did it. Nick promises that they will work together to understand what is going on. Nick and Reya go undercover to a party hosted by the mayor's son. After Nick sneaks in to his office he finds a bunch of documents, but one really stood out to him. Whispertown. Nick tries to solve the murder with Eli's sister and understand what is going on with the town. Nick finds out that their town has another name or a project name of Whispertown. The mayor knows all about it in fact Nick finds out that his father works for that program, but doesn't tell Nick anything. Nick and Reya Cruz (Eli's sister) try to find out what is really going on and why is there some project called Whispertown. They work together and eventually Nick gets stopped by a cop. The cop tells him to get into the car to talk to him. He tells Nick to stay away from all this and that it's none of his business. Nick and Reya keep looking for the murderer no matter what. They soon find out that the murderer of Eli is actually the mayor's son. Whispertown stands for Witness Protection Program as a code name. Finally they understand that the mayor was just trying to get to Nick's dad because he owed him a lot of money. That means new home, new school, new life for Nick yet again.


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