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idk, just trying something new...

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May 7, 2019


why are you answering these questions?
What do you think about cussing?
what do you think about saying oh my gosh?
what do you think about wearing crop tops?
what do you think about nose, and belly rings?
what do you do when someone gets bullied?
where are you when your family is fighting?
what do you do with your boyfriend/girlfriend when nobody is watching?
are you a Christ follower... and if not do you ever consider being one?
how do you treat your siblings?
who are your best friends?
what type of movies do you watch?
when do you go to sleep usually?
what are some of your special talents?
how long do you stay mad at people?
what three words would your friends give to describe you?
how often do you "pray" or say your praying?
when i say "best friends", how many people pop to your mind?
was this too personal?
how did you like this?
questions I want answers to... you dont have to answer them but if you would I would love to see what you think. Just leave comments below, and I will look at them... if anything is too personal, I'm sorry!
just answer the questions here honestly, and I just want to read what you have to say.


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