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Hello everyone! I'm Alliyah. Writing is my passion. I'm a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Days Saints. I also love nature, reading, making people laugh, playing sports, photography and art.

Message to Readers

Hey everyone! Here's a piece about a character whose personality is opposite mine. So, of course, I made the setting somewhere cold. If you know me well, you know I can't stand the cold!
This piece was a little tough to write because I was trying to develop a quick setting and a character who is so unlike what I am familiar with writing. At the same time, it was blast to write because it challenged me--especially coming up with good things to say about the cold.
Anyway, I hope it's okay. Please enjoy. And review!
Thanks a million! -Alliyah


February 6, 2019

PROMPT: Polar Opposite

I take a deep breath. 
Air, dry and frigid, fills my lungs. 
It's cold. 
I feel it on my skin, pressing against it, making my core feel warm and everything else numb.
But I feel it inside too. Like a negative flame, burning and harsh and powerful. It's life-giving, but in different way than warmth. It's a quiet power, but brutish all the same. A silent giant. 
I squint, trying to make out the world before me. 
The world before me is frozen, everything coated in a layer of ice. Protected. Raw. 
It's like a white blanket over everything; stiff and crystalline, catching the sunlight in rugged, asymmetrical flashes.  
Wind blows over the landscape, picking up the fine layer of snow that frosts the ice, and hurling it through the air as a stark white cloud. It's not a breeze--not in any sense of the word. It's rough and powerful. I feel it touching my face, stinging my sting, biting harder than I can fight back. A reminder that nothing is harmless here. 
But I liked it all the same. 
It's home. 
"You like it?" A voice asked, almost--it seemed--in reply to my thoughts. 
I turn, blinking icicles from my eyelashes. My eyes find a figure, standing huddled against the cold and the wind. She's leaning against the wall of the house; I can barely make out her face underneath a thick, wool beanie and a winter parka. 
I take a step a toward her. 
"It's Cassia, right?" I asked, coming to stand beside her. 
The girl nodded; the motion was hard to make out due to the scarf wound around her neck. Her dark eyes shift from my face out to the frozen world before us. "You like it out here?" She asked again.
"It's home," I said, simply.
"Hmm," Cassia was quiet for a second. Then she turned to me and smiled, raising her eyebrows. "Well, I think it's freezing." She told me. 
I laugh softly. 
"You ever think about leaving? Traveling the world?" Cassia asked. 
I shrugged, digging my hands deep inside my pockets. "Not really." 
"I always wanted to leave home," Cassia said. "Always dreamed of traveling the world." She smiled, her nose crinkling. "Go somewhere exciting."
"What do you think about it now?" I asked. 
"Cold." Cassia laughed. "Very cold." 
I nodded, looking back out at the frozen tundra.
I didn't want to leave. I didn't travel the world. I didn't need excitement. 
Home was enough for me.
Right here. With the wind and the cold and the endless amounts of ice and snow. 


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  • Alliyah

    Thank you so much! I really appreciate the comments--I was a little worried about how this one would turn out. --Alliyah

    over 1 year ago
  • -writinginhopesofsomeday-

    I agree with @AbigailSauble! Also, I love this image since my "spirit element" is ice. This is so pretty *insert thumbs-up emoji here*.

    over 1 year ago
  • AbigailSauble

    Aw!! This was incredibly well-written! You have an immense supply of unique descriptions here, so I think you're well on your way for your 2019 goal of writing more descriptively. ;)

    over 1 year ago