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Greater Joy

February 6, 2019


  The dark water churned, and fizzed below, letting out that dark, wild and evil guttural laugh, waiting to devour it's next victim. It almost seemed to be beckoning to him, saying, 'come. Why do you hesitate? What's the point of putting it off? Just get it over with!'

 He took a shaky breath and placed one foot on the railing, but a jab in his pants pocket made him stop. The letter. He removed his foot and stepped out of his hiding spot. A young teen girl was about to walk past. He stepped shyly up to her. 
   ''S'cuse me miss, but... would you give this to my family?"
He handed her the envelope with the address on it. She froze for a moment with it in her hands. 
   "Why? Is something wrong?"
   "No. At least, it won't be later."
He gave her a sad smile, then turned to jump onto the railing quickly before she stopped him, but she was faster then he was. She grasped his arm. 
He turned back. The anguish in her blue eyes socked him. 
   "Don't do it! Please."
He yanked his arm away from her. "Why? All that's left in the world is pain, and heartbreak, and cruelty. I don't want to put up with it anymore. I'm sick of it. I'm sick of the mundane days, of no one caring about me, of there being no purpose in life-"
   "But there is! There is purpose in life! You just have to open your eyes to see it!" 
He stared at her again, his brown eyes full of dis-belief. She sighed. 
   "Here, think of it this way: do you see that pink flower on the bush over there?"
He turned and spotted the flower, and nodded. 
    "Now, close your eyes, and imagine it a dull white-ish/gray color."
He did as she told, and all to easily saw the dull color. It was about as dull as his life. 
    "Do you see it?"
He nodded, and she went on. 
    "Now, open your eyes, and look at the color again."
He looked back at the flower. The pink seemed more vibrant. His eyebrows furrowed, confused at how that had been. 
    "Now think of a song."
His favorite song came to mind, and he nodded once again. She continued. 
    "Now, take all the notes, and make it a flat buzz. A flat nothing."
His brain did exactly that. It was not pleasant.
     "Play the song again, as if you're hearing the music for the first time."
The song's gentle melody filled his head, swarming with it's warmth, and glorious notes. A tiny smile began to appear in the corner of his mouth, but then quickly left. The girl continued to point out colors, and things in life that he noticed with greater vibrancy each time. 
      "There is a purpose to life. God gave His only Son to DIE on a cross for us, to take all the punishment that we deserved for our sin, and so that we could have a chance to ask for forgiveness. So that we could start again. Don't throw your life away when there's so much left. Start again! I'll help you."
Her eyes begged him, urged him, and pleaded with him. Something tugged on his heart as she spoke. Was that a spark of hope still left? It grew as she spoke, until he felt aflame with it. The fire melted down his cold, stoic walls of dread, fear, anger, and hopelessness. Tears filled his eyes and flowed down his face. The girl wrapped her arms around his shoulders as they shook, releasing all his pain into the wind. 

  After a moment of composing himself, he offered the girl a smile. She smiled back gently. 
   "I'm Emma."
   "I'm Aaron."
She held out her hand, and he took it. She led him down the sidewalk, and away from the bridge, talking the whole time, and pointing out the new buds of flowers on the trees, the new grass beginning to push up through the moist earth, the children shrieking with joy and laughter as they played on the play ground, and the list went on. Aaron had no idea how he had missed all the joy in the world, but he had found a greater joy that day. He had met Jesus, the One and only One who could save him. That filled him with a greater joy than anything else. 


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