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This is probably closer to the "Magical Realism" prompt, but I only thought of it after I'd posted the other thing.

You don't give it up, you only go halves.

February 21, 2016


    My house is divided in half. There's the same curtains, but different paint. The same rug, but different furniture. One one side, the walls are white and the blue couch sits against them. Terracotta soldiers line the windowsill and childish calligraphy of the characters for "love", "peace", and "mom" are hung on the fridge. Oriental wooden carvings grace the top of the cabinets which were bought at a local artists sale. School books in Mandarin are laid open on the kitchen table; a well-worn Chinese-English dictionary set to one side. It smells like paint. There's a slight flavor of rice lingering on my tongue.
    One step away, on the other side of the house, the walls are light brown. Congratulatory cards sit proudly on the mantle of the fireplace. The armchair we've had since I was born waits expectantly in the corner. My Latin textbook is open on the table, next to a brand-new Latin-English dictionary. It smells like baking cookies and home. I miss the other side of the house sometimes. It seems so far away, yet only yesterday I was a child playing with brushes and ink on this same rug. The same rug, just a different house. 


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