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April 29, 2019


So you can't go changing yesterday,
you can't get what you want,
you can't save everyone,
or yourself,
you can't... 

What can you do?

Where do you have control in your life?

it's not simply your life.
Although you see it through your narrative,
it belongs to your friends, family, enemies,
the girl who complimented your hair
or the guy who screwed you over

Nothing is black and white anymore,
No one is alone.
No one should be silent,
leave that to old movies.

People aren't one thing or another,
It's not one way or the other,
In this world, you take control of what you can.
You claim it's not the same anymore,
you say you have other options.
Maybe that's true,
or maybe you need it to be.

It is true that
a change has occurred.
2019 is living in full color, high definition.
Listen to the music
while it's here.

Maybe you want to go back but
we can only go forward,
step by step,

'Til those credits roll


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