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Blacky #His-Story-Contest

February 6, 2019


    Yilan, Taiwan, 1949...

    "Look at that stupid stray cat!" A boy snorted out a laugh, pointing at a jet black cat that sat on the pavement. He picked up a stone and threw it at her. Blacky, the stray cat, hissed in fury. This had happened before, and Blacky usually walks away sadly, but she couldn't take it anymore. Mustering up all her courage, Blacky ran at the boy, planning on using her now unsheathed claws. Suddenly, the boy grabbed some stones from the ground and threw them at her again, and Blacky fell. The boy made a funny face and ran away. The stray cat lay there and watched the sky, unmoving.

    After a while, Blacky finally stood up and trotted across the bridge that will lead her to Mina's house. Before she even reached the door, Mina came out. Ignoring the pain, Blacky ran to her and brushed her head on Mina's leg, purring affectionately. Mina was Blacky's best human friend. How she got to know her? Well... a while ago, there was a Japanese police who was mad at a Taiwanese family. The officer was going to shoot their legs, and Blacky was just passing by. Then, suddenly, BAM! He accidentally shot Blacky's ear instead of the family. Blacky shrieked and bounded to the nearest house, scratching on the wooden door and hoping desperately that someone would open it. And someone did. It was a little girl. When she saw that Blacky's ear was bleeding, the little girl frowned and picked her up, walking back into the house.

    "Daddy! The cat is hurt!" Blacky struggled in her arms, and when she finally let go, Blacky scurried under a bed and whimpered. She was frightened. She knew the little girl's father was a vet, and she hated vets. She'd seen vets holding scary, shining things sharper than claws and making other cats shiver in fear. However, Blacky was so exhausted that she fell asleep eventually.

    Sounds. Whispers. Footsteps. Blacky opened her eyes, stifling a yawn. She lifted her head off her paws when she realized something- her ear didn't hurt anymore! Magic! Blacky looked around. She was on a bed, and the little girl's family were all looking at her and smiling. In that moment, Blacky knew that the little girl's father was a good vet. That's how Blacky became a friend of the little girl- Mina. And that's how she got a broken ear.

    "Do you want to come in?" Blacky meowed and left her memories for some time later. She trailed after Mina, yet again plunging into deep thought. Why was Taiwan so dangerous now? Mean polices always yelled and bullied Taiwanese people. Taiwan was not like this before. Blacky remembered warm milk and gentle words and soft pelts... 

    "Hi, Blacky! Haven't seen you in a long time!" Mina's father interrupted her thoughts. Blacky meowed and jumped onto the familiar bed, sitting down. Mina's mother started talking about an engineer. Blacky loved it when they talked to her- it made her feel smart and useful. 

    "You know, Blacky, there was a Japanese engineer who was going back to Japan, but was killed by a torpedo on the way. It's awful, isn't it? His family in Taiwan was devastated; they didn't know what to do!"

    Blacky's fur stood up on the their own accord, and she shivered in fear, but confusion soon took over. Why would the engineer go back to Japan? Especially when his family is still here? The Japanese have stayed in Taiwan for years! She tilted her head.

    "Mommy, Blacky's confused! You haven't told her why the Japanese are going back to Japan."
    "Oh! Right. Sorry there, Blacky. Well, Japan recently announced all territorial rights to Taiwan because they lost the World War Two. Formally! So happy to hear it." Blacky jumped off the bed in excitement. She was so happy to hear that. Most of the Japanese police bullied and looked down on the people of Taiwan, and Blacky hated the discrimination. Taiwanese could finally live in peace.

    A couple of days later, Blacky chased a chicken in the backyard of Mina's house. Mina's mother came into the backyard and told Blacky, "I need to tell you something, Blacky. Come in."

    Blacky sped into the house and jumped onto the window sill. She stayed there and watched the stupid chicken outside. She wanted to eat the chicken very much. Then she heard Mina's mom saying,

    "Blacky, honey, you won't be able to chase the chicken anymore. We are going to trade the chicken for a house in Taipei. Lots of Japanese are leaving, and they can't bring their houses in Taipei back Japan with them, so they decided to trade their houses each for a chicken. Funny, huh? And that's what we're going to do. I heard that the houses in Taipei was very expensive compared to Yilan, but now we can trade a chicken for a house! Can you believe it!"

    Blacky's eyes widened. She was scared that Mina's family would leave her in Yilan. 

    "Oh, Blacky, don't worry. We won't leave you here. We'll just rent out the house in a Taipei, so we can earn some money." Blacky was relieved. She got out of the house after letting Mina's mom pet her. Then she trotted to the garden just across the street. She yawned and lay under an apple tree, where she liked the most. She made a funny face at the chicken, and thought teasingly, 

    "Lucky chicken."
Okay, guys. I wrote this thing when I was like, eleven or something, so this took some hardcore editing. And I mean HARDCORE when I say hardcore. I think we were supposed to write a historical fiction for an English assessment. Hope you like it anyways... And no, you may not injure my eleven-year-old self's pride by telling me how bad this is. SHUSH!
Also, the historical events mentioned here are true; you can search them up if you want.


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