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I’m a mere product of the f***ed up world.

February 21, 2016


Are we living in a messed up world,
Or am I just a messed up girl?
Where complexity is a normality,
And grey areas becomes an imprinted legacy.

What the hell are we doing here?
Life itself is just a f***ed up sphere.
It gets to the point where your soul is hollow,
And your life has no “genuine” direction to follow.

You cry not because you’re sad or depressed,
But because you can’t connect to the environment’s regress.
You don’t fully sync with the people around you,
Your just end up feeling like a fucked up misfit shoe.

Living each day knowing you will never know it’s meaning,
And a lifetime swiftly leaving.
What is beyond this entire space?
Or is life just an epitome of a start-to-end race?

Was it god creation, or was it an innate decision?
Is ignorance a miss, or isolation bliss?
There’s little to relate, enjoy, and crave,
When you’re just a empty macro level slave.

Even when you meet rare like-minded peers,
It becomes your worst fears.
Your similiarity just reminds you of – you and the world’s solidatory.
And the loney inner life you have in contrary.

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