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-I'm Marvel trash, and I'm honestly okay with it. Bucky Barnes owns me.
-I highly recommend any Cassandra Clare book. She will make and break your life.
-I am *a little* obsessed with Supernatural. I may have written some Destiel fanfiction.
-Everything Kevin Kantor has written is amazing, and no one can tell me otherwise.
- Stories are so much more than words thrown on paper or codes in a computer--they are places to visit and people to meet.
-Really bad at social media.
-I drew the drawings that I usually have as my profile picture.
-I'm making up a poetry book to publish!

Paper Planes

February 5, 2019


He's like a paper plane
Creased, folded, worn
He's a monster
Evil, torn, and scorned

Wherever he may come from
Wherever he may go
His heart is made of stone
But emotion he may show

While paper planes glide
He was busy being thrown
He spins off into nowhere,
Where all the rogue paper planes go
My friend told me that I need to post more...I'm just trying to condition myself to the guidelines. I usually write with more mature themes.

But, I'm trying to write a few things to post here, so I hope I have luck with them.


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  • spearmint

    "Wherever he may come from
    Wherever he may go " I see this a lot in books, but never this way, and never used so perfectly. It's an interesting idea, using paper planes to describe someone, but I think you did it well.

    9 months ago