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I'm not sure if this was what the prompt had in mind, but I went with it. :P

Golden Minds

February 20, 2016

PROMPT: Everyday Magic

    Golden sunlight streams through golden trees. Golden flecks sparkle in the dirt and flow down the golden stream. Yellow golden flowers smile up at the bright sun, opening their green-gold leaves to its warmth. The trees grow tall and thin in the golden summer forest, allowing the grass to grow wild and green. Golden-brown branches reach into the blue sky. Blue sky as deep as the ocean is shrouded in white-gold scarves of cloud. Behind the clouds, beyond the blue are hidden stars, drowned out by the golden sun. Gentle waves lift the breeze and send it twirling over the golden hills. Smack into a wall. Solid white walls, white as bone, curving along the edges of the forest. The wind brushes along the curves as the walls lift ever upward into the sky. Behind the golden sun, beyond the stars, into the deep blue sea of space, the walls close in. Sometimes a golden thought leaks through the cracks, but all is silent. Not even the wind makes a sound. Except for the pounding heartbeat vibrating up through the dark earth. 


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