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Message to Readers =part 2

No Girls Allowed > No Boys Allowed | PART 1 |

May 1, 2019


    It was windy outside. The branches would fall on her any minute now. Shivering, she skipped down the rocky road zipping up her hoodie. 
She was only in 5th grade, but she felt as smart as a though she'd been given an acceptance letter from Harvard. (Well, she didn't, but she sure felt that way.)
The reasoning behind her pride? Oh of coarse! Her little brother accidentally shared with her the secret location of the NO GIRL'S ALLOWED clubhouse. Err, it was actually a tree-house, but everybody called it a clubhouse.
"Fine! But at least i'm welcomed in the treehouse by the creek. Unlike you." Her brother, Jerry, had accidentally said in an argument with his sister; it was a small argument about who would get the last chocolate bar, which Emily had won, (in more ways than one).
    The treehouse by the creek. AHA! She knew exactly where that was. Though she never been that far into the woods, it wouldn't hurt to go look. And then she would be the first girl.
You see, every boy in elementary school knew about this clubhouse. It was a place where they could just come over and play Uno or Pac-man (because this was the 1980's), or look out the window and throw water balloons at anybody who happened to pass by underneath.
But girls weren't allowed.
Emily May Julius was the only girl in school who finally learned the hiding spot. And that was exactly where she was headed.
The autumn leaves blew past her shoulders. Cold wind circled her from every corner. But the sun was up, and so were her spirits, that she would be the first girl in NO GIRL'S ALLOWED.
    "Now Emily May! Where are you going today? Shouldn't you be home? I heard there's gonna be a lot of change in the wind." Called the local delivery man. "Oh hello Mr. Rodgers! I'm going to the clubhouse." She called back, a huge grin spread across her face.
"The clubhouse Eh? So they finally told a girl... Well, don't stay out too long, I hear there's gonna be a possibility of a twister." He scratched his head, and sat back onto his bike. He waved Emily goodbye and peddled along the street roads, an old rusty wagon followed behind him, filled with package deliveries. He's the mail man of this town, in case you didn't know.
    Emily walked a little more ways, and through a not-very-well-known part of the woods, until there it was. Right across from a small stream, the most coziest welcoming tree-house you'd ever seen.
There was a boy, maybe in 6th grade, looking out the window. He was drinking out of a soda can from a straw, just staring at the grass. And then he saw her.
"Hey Justin, there's a girl!" He frowned. His buddy joined him at the window with binoculars. "George, get me the ammo!" He called. Several more boys huddled at the window, staring at Emily with mischievous glares.
One of the little kids, probably George, handed Justin a water balloon.
Frightened of getting soaked on a cold windy day, Emily took cover behind a tree. "Aw man." The first boy with soda spit right out the window. 
"And stay out!" Little George shouted, and attempted to copy Soda Boy, spiting halfway out the window, and halfway into Soda Boy's pop can. "Yuck!" He shoved George.
Special Thanks to Rain for helping me catch my errors lol
Thank you so much for your review Lozzy! (I added a little part about what her brother had said for Emily to know the location of the clubhouse)

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