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Region Respawn ^ Blood, Sweat, Tears, & Gloves

February 5, 2019


So, the thug is a teleporter. The man is a transporter. And I'm a phaser.

    That's what Cooper had going through his mind when he found himself in a thick, raining, stinky jungle, full of wild and dangerous animals. He spotted the man, and ran after him. He phased and caught up to him, giving the man a punch to the nose. Cooper phased again and punched the man several times. The man, caught off guard, backed away and doubled over. Cooper grabbed the man's head and brought it down onto his knee. Unconscious, the man fell to the ground, blood covering his face. Cooper bent down and took off the man's left glove, which took some time. He placed it in his pocket. After that, Cooper spun around and tried to find the thug. Suddenly, his back erupted in pain.

    "AH!" he yelled as he fell forward. He regained balance and turned. 

    But no one was there.

    Sweating buckets of water, from both nervousness and tiredness, he looked around, trying to see the thug. He appeared right in front of Cooper. With his instincts, Cooper kicked the thug as he jumped away. The thug was caught by surprise and fell back. 

    Now was Cooper's chance.

    Cooper ran over to where the man lay sprawled, only momentarily dazed. He quickly undid the strap of the glove. He tugged and it, soon enough, it was becoming loose. Finally, he pried it off just as the thug regained consciousness. Cooper kicked him in the face, and the thug fell down, face flat in the mud. 

Cooper sat on his couch, thinking things over. He recounted everything that had happened. Finding the glove(well, it found him), meeting the thugs, meeting the man who wants to resurrect a region called Frintella, the region of the undead, half-existent creatures, having a weird vision, fighting and winning against both of them, and gathering the gloves. Tears of amazement filled Cooper's eyes. He thought about how fast things could go by. And, after everything, it's just a small adventure of the many big, great things you're going to do. 

    Cooper stared at the gloves on the table in front of him. He thought he could see them... Moving? Towards each other. Right when he realized what was happening, the gloves connected. 

    Suddenly, the ground began to shake. Broken, stone pillars, dilapidated houses, cracked roads, and ruins of a country began to rise up from the ground before Cooper's very eyes. He heard screaming outside. Cooper ran out onto the streets, to find that there were no more streets. He looked around, and spotted people rising from the ground. Frintella, Cooper thought with horror. The people were like zombies, and they were occasionally glitching like how a TV might show when there is no signal or input. They had weapons that Cooper had never seen before. Cooper realized he was wrong. His journey with the gloves wasn't over.

    In fact, it was far from over. 
Thank you guys so much for reading! Check out the other prequels from the series: Region Respawn!


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  • Legendary Grapes

    There will be a sequel series: Fighting Death With Life

    10 months ago
  • Quille

    Can't wait for more on this awesome adventure! :DDD

    10 months ago