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Palace of Grace, Garden of Dust

February 6, 2019


in this palace of grace
  flowers face toward the sun
    when the moon falls
      their petals pinch in
        shutting out the moonlight
the flowers worship the sun
  they do not want to say goodbye
    but they are forced to every night
      they droop in stony, moody silence
        and face the ground
          they do not want to look at the sky
           if it does not hold the sun
one day morning came
  and the sun did not return
    they weep and scream
      mourning their love for the light
        they desperately hope it will return
          but it never will
the flowers changed
  their leaves were bitter from despair
    their petals greyed from lack of love
      they are in so much pain
        all they wanted was their sun
midnight holds their memories of despair
  they now fall silent
    when the clock reached twelve
  they are done
    they cannot live any longer
      their leaves shrivel and break apart
        their petals fall to the dead grass below
the palace of grace is no longer graceful
  it is now a boneyard
    full of abandonment and death
      decayed flowers to and fro
        the dark of night spilling like ink
the clock strikes midnight
  on this garden of dust
-This is so all over the place. Sorry.
-I don't know why I chose not to capitalize anything. I kind of just felt like not doing it.
-I'm really conflicted on whether or not I like this. I like parts, but not all of it put together.


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  • Gabriel Goodwin

    I like it the way it is :D This is very inventive. Love it!

    over 1 year ago