Rose, Thorn

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I am my name.
A rose.
Prickly on the outside.
Sweet on the inside.

Elv (Check footnotes)

February 5, 2019


She kisses the top fern in the branches. It opens up at her touch. She falls through to her hole. There lies her rock and her pines. They are sprinkled around the ground as her bed. The food she had brought was sour. Not ripe enough for eating. Though it was dark blue so she kept it. Dark blue was the color of her mothers scarf. She had worn it every day until she died. The scarf died with her. The hole was dark. Only a slight cut in the trees wood could she see through. And it brought light inside the hole. She could see the color of the blue colored berry through this light. The only other berries in the basket were red. But she knew the name of them. They were called raspberries. Her father had loved raspberries. So she squashed it. Her father was a fake. He drank and got drunk. He was always sick with fever and never loved his wife. Though she was never really his wife. He only liked her because of her fat ass and cherry breasts. She hated him for it but had to live with it. She had no job nor money and day after day she would steal his money. She collected it until she had enough to run away with Skilight. The daughter she loved with all her heart. Together they fled. The father, Chrit , chased after them and killed the mother. Skilight saw the whole thing. She ran faster than she ever had before and lived in her hole with only the trees for protection. She was five when her mother died. Now she was 13. Soon her hole for protection would break down and she would have nowhere to go. A plan had been forming in her mind and she had started to collect for it. She was gathering food and making wood cups for water. Skilight was ready. Ready, that is to go away from the hole. Ready to live free.
So I was Abby Air and am taking my pieces from there and putting them over here. But I wrote this a while ago. So tell kme what you think!


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  • xXlunagirlXx

    "I am not a good writer" lies. You are awesome!

    over 1 year ago