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This is something quick I wrote for an English prompt. Any feedback, would be greatly appreciated, thanks for taking the time to read this!

Dragon Life

February 5, 2019


Being a dragon isn’t easy you know, you need to constantly keep your cave tidy, make sure you have enough wood for your fire to burn on and also, most importantly, keep your treasure safe. I have my job cut out for me, you see, I live in the mountains of a kingdom called Far Far Away, and there, it’s like the knights have nothing better to do than to try and steal my jewels! Yesterday, I had to start polishing my collection of gold in time for my family to visit. My parents are always scolding me about how I have to keep my gold sparkling and my gems glittering. After I spent hours practicing my fire breathing in time for the tournament I’m going to enter next month. Last night, a bunch of young knights decided to try their luck with getting away with a few of my silverware. I found them in the back of my cave, trying on some of my handmade crowns, how outrageous! I even saw one holding my magnificentsilver spoon that my father gave to me when he stole it from the Queen! I was absolutely furious, so much that smoke had started coming out of my ears, quite literally. I made sure that they’d never be back again, and let’s just say that their heads are going to be quite cold in Winter. Anyway, tonight I’m just going to relax and maybe go out for a bit of a flight. I love my treasure and all, but there’s nothing more precious than the glistening of the evening stars. 


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