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I was just sitting down, and looked outside and I saw kids kind of sparked this, so its completely random, and gibberish. I hope it makes sense, if not...please tell me how I can improve it! Thanks :)

How Can I Believe?

February 19, 2016


I see them,the kids, outside,
Playing hopscotch, basketball, tag and hide and seek,
They're selling lemonade for a quarter too.
How I wish I could join them.
How I wish I could travel back in time,
to a place where I still believed in the world.

I bought some lemonade from them too,
It was sour,
but of course,
I put on a smile and said "its lovely!"

How I wish I could go back in time to when I still believed in this world.

How can I though, when all I can see
is horror, destruction and violence?

How can I, when there are children that are forced into slavery
instead of going to school?

How can I, when all people can talk about is
what they don't like about her,
"A slut, a whore, a bitch" they call her
You do realize that she's attempted suicide because of you?

It's so hard for me to believe in this world, humanity even.

But when I look outside, and see the kids playing
hopscotch, basketball, tag, and hide and seek,
I smile, because maybe, just maybe, they won't make the same mistakes we did.


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